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In the area of Debt Recovery, our firm has been able to establish a niche for itself before individuals, Contractors, Private and Corporate organizations which form our clientele in Nigeria and overseas. Our Debt Recovery department has grown from a small beginning to a busy and functional department who are specialists in the act of debt recoveries, who are assisted by an integrated team of lawyers. We are able to pursue debts where it may be difficult or inappropriate for our clients to do so and where relationships need to be preserved with good clients by pursuing debts firmly and tactfully.

Our debt recovery department's clientele now includes Banks and listed Companies. We remain committed to the small and large creditors and have not forgotten the impact which a bad debt has upon small and medium-sized businesses. We have a proven track record and have achieved outstanding success in recovering monies and in rehabilitating delinquent accounts for clients at all levels by providing a personalized and cost-effective service through the use of sophisticated legal, efficient and technical experience in achieving our aims.

Our Debt Recoveries Department pursue a cost efficient solution for smaller debts, large high value debts and bulk debts. We involve the correct strategies to focus the debtor's attention on the fact that we mean business and have every intention of recovering the debt.


We approach debt recovery differently. We go through the following steps when assessing the debt recovery situation:

1. We assess the value of the debt and see if it is suitable for the lower or higher courts of the land, while firstly adopting the alternative dispute resolution techniques before litigation.

2. We assess the attitude of the debtor to debt collection.

3. We assess whether the debtor can, cannot or is willing/not to pay towards determining the strategies to finally adopt.

4. We assess and evaluate if the debtor is alleging a defence or not, or if there is a counterclaim against our clients and whether the debt is correctly documented with evidential documents.

At TCCNAIJA, Our Debt Recovery Department generally provide fixed, affordable advise on small and big debts, while with larger debts and defended debts we ensure that clients can retain control of each step of the proceedings.

We consult with clients at each stage of proceedings for updates and reassessment, benefits and associated risks of the current position. To help our clients realize the full potential of their businesses, we deliver prompt service and are accessible to them at all times. We recover loans and debts accruable to our clients, within the shortest possible time and manner available to us, while we engage the services of financial experts to collaborate with us in areas too cumbersome to demystify.

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